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Leadership Matters: The 3 Steps to Develop Leadership Intentionally

The years I spent at Mountain View Christian Schools - Leadership Institute (MVCS-LI), the development of young leaders was central to the mission to transform the world. Why?

According to John Maxwell, "Everything rises and falls on leadership." Every family, every classroom, every organization, every team, every government, every nation! Every...thing!

Whether you're a parent raising a child, a business owner casting vision, or a teacher unlocking the love for learning...leadership matters. Leadership is personal, it's purposeful, and it's a process. So, let's follow the leader.


It's often been said, "the toughest person to lead is yourself." As Christians, we believe that we were created in the image of God as a spirt, soul, and a body. Jesus understood this concept. He was left in Jerusalem, at the age of 12, following, the Festival of Passover. Mary and Joseph found him, three days later. Where? In the Temple, sitting with the Jewish teachers...listening and asking questions. Scripture goes onto say he, "grew in wisdom and stature." Personal growth is intentional.


We believe people matter. One day we will find ourselves as a parent, a teammate, a coworker, a business owner, a soldier, a influencer. Jesus' public ministry began when he was thirty years old. He had taken the time to develop himself, and now it was time to recruit. He gathered a group of guys that appeared far from ideal, ignored the smell of fish, and connected his heart with theirs. Jesus brought out the best in his team, as great leaders do. Since the advent of Marcus Buckingham, and other's research on strength-based development, we must teach our young leaders to identify their own strengths, and the strengths in others.


Most people have an aversion to change, but emerging leaders must learn that change is not only necessary, but inevitable. Jesus understood the culture and knew what to do...he turned it upside down. He came at a time when Rome was a world power and had enslaved Israel. The disciples expected that Jesus had come to destroy Romans, but instead he said, "pray for your enemies." What?! Change is hard, but it is the reason leaders are needed. God always uses a leader (often reluctant) to meet the challenge. Twelve ordinary guys changed the world. Your turn.

Leadership matters!


Crystal Van Kempen-McClanahan, is one- half of the podcast Soul Gym Sisters, and co-author of Mind Moxie: How to Help You Master What's Mastering You. She spent years as an educator, a softball/volleyball coach, and school leader.  She has a doctorate in Educational Leadership and received the John Maxwell Leadership Award in Education.  Because leadership is "influence," Crystal is passionate about helping people increase their "influential capacity" by leading their life, loving their life, and lavishing it on others. Check out her YouTube channel and online course "5 Steps to Go From Flabby to Fit Without Stepping Foot in the Gym."

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