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Break the Chains

Is the pain of your past hindering your future? Do you feel too damaged to do any good? Are your mistakes too plenty for you to have any credibility? Lies, all lies.

God is the truth, and the devil is a liar, and his weapon of deception is disorienting. When someone is deceived, they don't know it—the cruel irony. If any area of your life is fragmented, you have adopted a limiting belief.

In Leading at a Higher Level, Ken Blanchard says, "An assumed constraint is a belief, based on past experience, that limits current and future experiences," and he advises us to challenge our assumed constraints.

He gives an example of a baby elephant being trained for the circus. The elephant is staked with a heavy chain. The baby tugs, but he can't get free and gives up. The now six-ton elephant has plenty of strength to break the chain and trample everything in sight, but the passive pachyderm doesn't even try. "His inability to move beyond the length of the chain isn't real; it's an assumed constraint."

Assumed constraints reveal themselves in negative internal dialogue, excuses, and blaming—in statements like: "I will never be free of this addiction." "I can never forgive what he did." "I’m destined for this life because I come from a dysfunctional family." These lies (limiting beliefs) are the voice of faulty thinking.

Out of nowhere the enemy whispers and we recall an ugly memory, certain that God must be disgusted by it. God's complete disapproval is a life sentence. We flog ourselves with negative self-talk, hoping to pay penance for our sins. But there is nothing we can do to pay for our sin or the sins committed against us. Jesus already did.

Yet, the enemy of our soul wants us to focus on the negative so God's perfectly designed plan for our life goes unfulfilled. We've tugged and pulled like the little elephant, and we stop trying, overwhelmed with frustration. But the still small voice of the Spirit is tugging. God is calling us to freedom. The chains that have us bound can be broken.

God has heard your cries, and He has a heavenly bolt cutter that can snap the shackled pain from your heart. God loves you dearly, and He holds nothing against you:

There is therefore no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Romans 8:1 KJV

You are His beloved. He knew you before you were born. He designed you and infused into your life essence a beautiful blend of talents, abilities, and gifts. Open your spiritual eyes and see them. God desires for you to live a powerful life, operating in what you "do best." Discover what you "do best" and nothing will be able to stop the fulfillment of God's audacious plan for your life. Break the chains!

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