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Keep Your Eye on Your "Why"

You have a purpose.  A sense of purpose answers the age-old question … why am I here? What's your "why?"  You were created to make a difference in the world. God designed you, fashioned your hair, built you to size, and breathed into you your gifts, talents, and desires. 

So, why do millions of people trudge through their day joyless and defeated? They've taken their eye off their why. They approach life as a victim, as though they have no power over their circumstances, but that is not true. Everything in life is a choice, and how we approach these choices is based on our attitude. Either our attitude is one of I “have to” or I “want to."

“I have to go to work.” “I have to go to this party.” “I have to exercise.” “I have to go to church.” I know when I feel like I "have to" do something there is little motivation or incentive to do it. A "have to" attitude is motivated by fear.  Fear of not being able to pay your bills, so you stay in a job you hate.  Fear you'll be ostracized if you don't go to your coworker's Princess party … for a one-year-old. Fear you'll embarrass yourself at the gym because you have no idea how to work the equipment. So, we live our lives in a compromised state.

On the flip side, I’ve noticed when I "want to" do something nobody has to pressure me, scare me, or threaten me to do it. Why? Because I have a positive expectancy in the outcome. I’m living my life based on what is best for me rather than fearing disaster or pain.

You can turn the "have to" heart into a "want to" heart by keeping your "Why" in your eye.  When you know your why, you'll exercise because you know you need to be strong and healthy to accomplish your mission. When you are laser focused on your purpose you won't overspend because there is something greater at stake than immediate gratification. You will make choices that benefit your life and mission.

If there is something in your life you just don’t want to do you have two choices, stop doing what you are doing, or change your attitude. Life is way too short to spend most of it feeling manipulated and coerced. When you choose to live a “want to” life you will find freedom. Freedom found only in a life led by faith and joyful expectancy. Keep your eye on your "Why."


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