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Words: Speak Life or Death

The power of our words cannot be underestimated. Scripture says:

Death and life are in the power of the tongue... proverbs 18:21

We think in images based on the words we see and hear. A single thought has an insignificant impact on our lives, but a stream of thoughts creates our vision. The picture we have of our future: good or bad. Words of love and admiration create healthy thoughts. Whereas, cruel words build negative thoughts and distort our sense of self. Words are seeds, and if they take root in the soil of our soul they will reproduce.

You remember a teacher telling you that math just wasn't your thing. How about that loud mouth turd who “mooed” at you on the playground, and you have some body issues. I remember a woman at Bible camp saying I’d never be a good mother because I didn’t like arts and crafts. Sadly, I never got to test her theory.

The tongue, that wily little mouth muscle, is about four inches long unless your my sister who can lick her own sinus cavity ... gross huh? Our tongue has its own print, can be curled by 85% of the population and has more than 10,000 taste buds. It responds to the speed of thought and has supernatural power.

Words have the power to heal a broken heart, to incite war (just watch Twitter), and to push a vulnerable kid off a bridge. The words we hear, say to ourselves, and speak become the catalysts for our decisions. Whatever we spend time thinking about gets in our heart, and comes out our mouth. Spend any amount of time with someone and you’ll know what they’re thinking because their thoughts will grow verbal legs.

... for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Like 6:45

Words reveal the health of our heart. Are you spewing verbal vomit? The quality of our life revolves around our mind-mouth loop. We either have a positive or negative rhythm of thinking and speaking. We don't think negative and speak positive. Life is released when our words agree with God's Word. Death comes when we speak words of fear, discord, and anger. We can choose to speak words of love or hate, health or sickness, poverty or prosperity. Don't let death pass from your mouth. Choose life!

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